Wisconsin club searches for the world's greatest liar

Gareth Seehawer, of Oconto Falls, Wis., says his 2-year-old grandson is such a persuasive liar that he could dirty his diaper and make his mother believe someone else had done it. The Burlington, Wis., Liar's Club last year thought the story was such a crock, he was awarded the club's World's Greatest Liar title.

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Radio station WTMJ reports that the 80-year-old award grew out of a local competition among Burlington firefighters, police and city officials to see who could tell the most creative whopper. Somewhere along the way, the competition attracted a national audience.

The club's very first award went to police Chief Frank Beller:

Judges met at the police station on January 1, 1930, and were just about to award the championship to another man, when one of them asked the Chief if he did not want to compete.

"Me?" replied the Chief, in an injured voice. "Me? Why, I never told a lie in my life." And by unanimous consent, the judges, who had known him for years, awarded Chief Beller the medal.

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