Wisconsin bro dives into State Fair's fish tank [VIDEO]

Eat your heart out, Greg Louganis.
Eat your heart out, Greg Louganis.

A young man in a University of Wisconsin tank top (henceforth known as Wisconsin bro) took extreme measures to cool himself off at the State Fair over the weekend.

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As captured in an Instagram video posted on Sunday, with dozens of fellow fairgoers looking on, he changed into his swim trunks and took a quick dip... in the DNR's fish tank.

Here's the video, which was posted by "darbyvoeks":

The accompanying caption suggests the Wisconsin bro is darbyvoeks himself:

Wisconsin bro dives into State Fair's fish tank [VIDEO]

Steve Carroll, DNR spokesman, told the Pioneer Press that while the pond contains 45 species native to Minnesota, human beings shouldn't be one of them.

"It's not designed for human swimming. It's for the fish," he said.

And while darbyvoeks seems to think his dive was all fun and emoticons, police spokeswoman Brooke Blakey said there could be consequences.

"It's being investigated," she told the PiPress. "We don't advise that you do that because there will be repercussions."

For instance, according to the PiPress, a man caught diving into the pond last Friday was banned from the fair for the duration of this year, along with his entire group of friends.

But we get the vibe Wisconsin bro isn't sweating it, especially after he cooled himself off in the DNR pond.

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