Wisconsin boy channels "Toy Story" inside The Claw

One Wisconsin boy lived the plush life.
One Wisconsin boy lived the plush life.
Photo: Reiko Arashi

Jennifer Hanson was shopping with her 9-year-old son at a Wal-Mart in Sun Prairie, Wis., when she noticed that the boy was missing.

With an eerie similarity to Woody's exploits in "Toy Story," he'd already wriggled up into a claw-game machine at the front of the store, apparently through the 1-foot-by-1-foot prize shoot.

Firefighters were dispatched for a "child stuck in a vending machine," the first call of its kind for Sun Prairie Fire.

Clearly, this kid is nobody's fool. Instead of being coaxed out, fire personnel reported he was "happy to be in there." And who wouldn't be? While the young Houdini played, firefighters cut through a lock on the game and pried off the front panel.

The kid was given two toys, which is chump change for a kid who moments before was the Scrooge McDuck of toys.

Although this was a first for Sun Prairie Fire, it's happened before. There were a couple of industrious tots in Australia -- one in a candy machine and another in a toy machine -- and two more stateside.

Mercifully, one incident was captured on video -- a little girl crawling into a machine in South Carolina:

Consider this story a call to action for claw-game machine manufacturers: Re-engineer that stupid metal claw. Maybe if it wasn't so limp-wristed and useless, it wouldn't entice kids into high-profile plush heists.

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