Wis. woman calls 911 to report herself drunk driving


Imagine going out for a couple drinks on a Saturday night and jumping into the driver's seat of your car. Maybe you realize you've had one too many, but you drive a couple blocks and confirm it was a terrible idea. Depending on your level of stupidity, you'd probably continue driving hoping to get home safe or stop the car and find another way home.

This Wisconsin woman took a bold new approach to the drunk driving game. She called 911 to report herself as a drunk driver. It sounds like her original plan was to just report a "drunk driver," but when the dispatcher asked if she was following the person, she said "I am them." Good enough.

The woman even has the common sense to pull over while on the phone, stop the car, and put her flashers on so the police can find her. We can't decide if we should applaud her or silently laugh at this woman's epic moment in history.

When police arrived and did a field sobriety test, they say she had slurred speech, was stumbling, and swaying back and forth. Her blood alcohol level was 0.17.

Check out the 911 call:

Excerpt from the 911 call:
Dispatch: You behind them?

Mary Strey: No, I am them.

Dispatch: You am them?

Mary Strey: Yes, I am them.

Dispatch: Okay, so you want to call and report you're driving drunk?

Mary Strey: Yes.

Dispatch: Are you still driving right now? You want to stop driving before you get in an accident?

Mary Strey: Yes, I will stop.

Dispatch: You want to stop right now?

Mary Strey: Yes, I will stop right now.

The 911 audio: