Wis. underage drinking party hosts fined $26,000


Three La Crosse, Wis. roommates that hosted a Labor Day weekend party with underage drinking probably didn't factor the $26,000 in citations into their party budget. Now they are screwed.

Lyndon Morris, 20, Cole Rines, 19, and Dylan Stoffregen, 20, face nine citations totaling $26,557 after police busted their party where they were serving booze to underage kids. Oh, and they are underage themselves and were charging for the booze without a license. Citation overkill? Yes.

The breakdown: They were each fined $6,960 for serving alcohol to 24 minors and $1,613 for selling alcohol without a license. Stoffregen and Rines also earned $227 citations for underage drinking, while Morris' ticket reached $384, according to the La Crosse Tribune.

The roommates were selling alcohol for $5, police said.

The one sketchy part: Police found partygoers as young as 16 with 0.18 percent blood-alcohol level. Keep it to high school grads, folks.