Wis. snowmobilers also run over ducks for fun


Boredom must really be setting in over there across the border. First we report about snowmobilers running over deers for shits and giggles. One of them is also suspected of hitting a pedestrian with their vehicle.

Now we've got snowmobilers running over ducks. Not just a couple ducks. 60 ducks.

Searching for the duck killers

FORT ATKINSON -- Snowmobilers ran over and killed 60 ducks in two incidents while racing across open water beneath a bridge on the Rock River in downtown Fort Atkinson, police said today. It's the third reported incident in Wisconsin this month of snowmobiles running over wildlife.

Have you ever accidentally stabbed someone while washing dishes?

BARRON -- A woman who says she accidentally stabbed her husband while doing the dishes is charged with a felony in Barron County. Rachel Thompson told investigators she accidentally stabbed Bruce Thompson when he tried to grab her while she was washing dishes.


Man run over, killed during Monster Truck show

MADISON -- A federal safety official says a preliminary investigation suggests the death of a Monster Truck show promoter was an accident. Authorities say 41-year-old George Eisenhart Jr. of Chardon, Ohio, died on Saturday night when he stepped into the path of one of the huge trucks during the Motor Sports Monster Truck & Thrill Show.