Wis. school bus driver took toilet breaks in plastic bags on bus (Video)

She crapped into a plastic bag and threw it onto a city street
She crapped into a plastic bag and threw it onto a city street

Maybe a solitary moment of urgent internal plumping panic, brought on by a reaction to some new medication, would be a good enough excuse for using the empty school bus you drive as a toilet.


That was a Milwaukee school bus driver's story when she was caught on tape dropping her drawers, doing her business into a plastic bag and then pitching the bag out the door onto a city street.

But making a habit it of it? Leaving at least 10 bags of stinky crap for the neighbors to pick up? That's something else.

And it's all caught on video by one guy who got plain tired of picking up the mess that the bus driver left behind. He took his evidence to the Milwaukee Fox affiliate. They broadcast the video.

The bus driver's been fired from First Student, the bus company contracted by Milwaukee Public Schools. The district has also demanded that the driver not have any contact with kids in the future.

Check it out:

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