Wis. parents tied up disabled son, dad beat him, police say


Authorities say a 21-year-old developmentally disabled Eau Claire man had been chained in his mother's basement and beaten on multiple occasions with boxing gloves and wooden sticks.

Police discovered the alleged abuse when the man walked into a nearby convenience store barefoot with a heavy metal chain on his ankles. The police executed a warrant at the home and arrested his parents for the alleged false imprisonment and possible physical abuse.

More from the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:

He entered the store Monday evening and slowly approached Sheehan at the counter.

"He was very quiet, and he asked for a key," she said.

Sheehan said she didn't understand until Cheng Xiong pointed to the chain wrapped around his feet. She asked him to sit down while a customer called police for help.

When officers found him at the store, Cheng Xiong appeared frightened and knew limited English. According to the search warrant, Cheng Xiong was barefoot in 40-degree weather with a length of the chain dragging behind him.

The man told police he was often chained in the basement, sleeping on the floor. He said he was trying to escape so he would no longer be beaten. Family members say the man has the mental capacity of a third or fourth grader.