Wis. owes Minn. cash for giving their residents better jobs

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Wis. owes Minn. some serious cash for giving their residents better jobs
Minnesota and Wisconsin have a tax reciprocity program that allows people who work in the other state to only file taxes in their home state. The only problem is far more Wisconsinites benefit from this agreement and Gov. Tim Pawlenty says Wisconsin owes our state $106 million to make up the difference in lost taxes.

Brainerd woman accused of illegally downloading music blames her kids
The woman who is accused of illegally downloading and sharing music on Kazaa has decided the last day before closing arguments to bring up a new theory: maybe her children and ex-boyfriend did it. Previously the defense had held onto the theory that the prosecution couldn't prove she was actually using the computer. Now just blame those pesky kids.

Nearly 100 bridge collapse victims sue construction and consultant companies
A group of nearly 100 bridge collapse victims are suing to companies that worked on the ill-fated 35W bridge before it collapsed. The victims say the disaster was "entirely avoidable". They are suing URS Corp., a consultant that analyzed the bridge, and Progressive Contractors Inc., whose crews were resurfacing the bridge when it fell.

Cousin gets jail for giving alcohol to minor driver in fatal crash
Tonya Rae Swanson, 31, will serve 90 days in jail after she gave her 19-year-old alcohol. The underage driver rear-ended another vehicle and killed a 29-year-old Blaine man.

MOA Mayo Clinic won't solve your sore throat
If you thought you could move into the Mall of America and live there forever with the Mayo Clinic there, think again. The medical giant announced yesterday it will be leasing space in the MOA to offer some, but not essential medical services. Plans aren't finalized, but the clinic won't offer primary care and will likely be a way to lure patients to their Rochester location.

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