Wis. man sentenced to one year for hanging dog in garage


If you don't feel like being a dog owner anymore, there are options. Apparently this guy decided that killing the dog himself would be the best choice. Now he's got a year behind bars to research great places to donate unwanted pets instead of letting them swing from the rafters.

Eric Shattuck, 36, of Appleton, Wis. was convicted of felony mistreatment of an animal in 2008. He was sentenced to a one-year sentence today.

Shattuck originally tried to kill his dog, Swiper, in September 2007 by giving it antifreeze, but the dog knew better and refused to eat it. When the dog snapped at him for the attempted killing, Shattuck got so pissed off he took it to the garage and hung it from the garage rafters by its choke chain. Epic pet owner fail.