Wis. man sentenced for jumping on pregnant 16-year-old girlfriend's stomach

You know things are bad if you are a 30-year-old man with a pregnant 16-year-old girlfriend. But then you go and jump on her stomach and strangle her during an argument? Classy moves, dude.

Ryan Schmoldt, was sentenced to a year in prison after attacking his girlfriend in her parent's home. All because she confronted him about being with another woman (or girl for all we know).

He was sent to prison for the strangulation/suffocation charge, but was also charged with child abuse, disorderly conduct, and attempted battery to an unborn child. Those charges were dismissed in a plea deal.

The teen has since given birth to the baby.

More from the Appleton Post-Crescent:

According to the complaint, Schmoldt slept over at his girlfriend's Appleton residence the night of May 21 with the approval of the girl's mother so the two could attend a pregnancy-related doctor's appointment the next day.

While he was sleeping, the girlfriend found photos of Schmoldt with another woman. When she woke him and confronted him, he grabbed her by the arms, shook her and threw her on the bed and jumped on her stomach.

He grabbed her with both hands around her throat and began to strangle her. When the girl's mother called police, Schmoldt tried to leave, but was briefly blocked by the girl and her mother. The girl scuffled with Schmoldt to hold him for police and received more injuries in the process.

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