Wis. man busted riding three-wheeled scooter on freeway, gets 5th OWI


What I would pay to watch a drunk 35-year-old man ride a three-wheeled electric scooter onto a freeway interchange. It's probably priceless and can only be seen in Wisconsin. Figured.

Daniel Samplanski of Milwaukee was charged this week with drunken driving on the type of scooter most often seen carrying really old people or horrifically obese over-eaters at the Minnesota State Fair. Now they are good for drunken cruising too.

Samplanski has at least four alcohol-related driving convictions in the last decade. Epic fail.

When cops pulled him over, he couldn't explain why he was riding the scooter on the freeway. He said the scooter belonged to a friend and he took it to the bar that night. He said he drank a 12-pack of beer and police say he had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit.

"I got confused. I'm drunk. What am I doing on the (expletive) freeway? I am trying to get off," he told deputies.
And what's the best part? There is a video of police stopping him on the scooter. Can't get any better than this. Check out the video here.