Wis. man accused of filming sex acts with relatives

There seems to be a recurring theme in today's blotter, and all we can say is we wish it were something a bit more... uplifting.

In today's second instance of Wisconsinites-doing-appalling-things-to-their-relatives, a Hager City man is in jail after authorities got their hands on video tapes depicting the man having sex with two female relatives-- one of whom was 15-years-old, the other of whom was unconscious at the time.

Wade Swenson is being charged with a smorgasboard of felonies, including second-degree sexual assault of a child, sexual exploitation of a child, possession of child pornography, three counts of sexual assault, and four counts of capturing an image of nudity. He's looking at 40 years in prison if convicted of either sexual assualt of a child or sexual exploitation of a child.

The PiPress has the details:

In December, one of the alleged victims was asked by Swenson to remove videos from the Hager City home he was vacating. The relative was curious about the content on the tapes and, upon watching some, saw that they were of Swenson having sex with her and performing sex acts while she was unconscious, the criminal complaint states. The relative did not remember the sex and believed she had been drugged, she told investigators.

The woman viewed other videos and found that one was of Swenson having sex with the underage relative, according to the complaint. She then alerted police to the material.

As for the aforesaid 15-year-old relative: she's now an adult and in a serious relationship with Swenson.