Wis. grave robber-sex case a mistrial

When we think of "Wisconsin news" we think of creepy men digging up dead bodies to have sex with them. Sharing the dead body with their twin brother too. We're not joking. Who even does that? Oh yes, Wisconsinites.

In case you've missed this ongoing story, twin brothers along with another friend went to a graveyard to dig up the body of a 20-year-old woman who had died in a motorcycle crash a week earlier. They saw her obit in the paper and thought she looked hot. They were allegedly busted with condoms and lube in their car. So classy.

And all these guys get is a conviction for criminal damage to a cemetery and attempted misdemeanor theft? Pathetic.

Wis. grave robber-sex case a mistrial

LANCASTER -- The southwest Wisconsin trial of a man accused of trying to dig up a grave in Cassville to have sex with a dead woman has ended in a mistrial. Jurors found 23-year-old Alex Grunke guilty of criminal damage to a cemetery and attempted misdemeanor theft but deadlocked on attempted third-degree sexual assault. Authorities say Grunke, his twin, Nicholas Grunke, and 22-year-old Dustin Radke went to a Cassville cemetery in 2006 to remove the body of a 20-year-old woman killed the week before in a motorcycle crash. Teens pretend to be police, tell someone to go identify dead body

Two Madison teens were charged Wednesday with impersonating a police officer after they allegedly called a random phone number in the middle of the night two days before Christmas and told the person at the other end to go to St. Mary's Hospital to identify a dead person.

Man busted with a meth lab shopping list

Police credit a Waukesha, Wis., hardware store employee for tipping them off about a man who appeared to be buying equipment to set up a methamphetamine lab. The 21-year-old Waukesha man was arrested at the store while carrying a Web site printout listing what's needed to build a lab to make the illegal drug. More items were found in his car and apartment.

Don't post your ex on craigslist's 'casual encounters'; it's kind of a big deal

A woman is charged with a felony in Eau Claire County for allegedly posting a profile of her ex-boyfriend on craigslist under "casual encounters." Kari Heath, 20, of Strum, Wis., faces a charge of causing harm through identity theft, which could send her to prison for three years if convicted.

Man accidentally pays neighbor's taxes, wants his money back

A Burlington man who mistakenly paid taxes for years on his neighbor's property can ask for the money back, a state appeals court ruled today.

Man busted sending threatening emails to former employer

MADISON -- Bail was set at $100,000 for a former state worker charged Tuesday with allegedly using a computer at work to send threatening e-mail messages to his previous employer.

Teacher gets jail time for teen sex case

A former teacher and school board member in Superior, Wis., will serve time in the Hennepin County workhouse for criminal sexual conduct involving a teenage boy. William Rehnstrand pleaded guilty last month for improper contact with the 17-year-old while the two were on an overnight trip to Eden Prairie in 2008.