Wis. goat thief on the loose


Alright, folks. Really funny. Who is out stealing Wisconsin goats? Apparently this theft is no laughing matter, but we'd like to imagine these goats have escaped on their own for a better life. Police would like to think otherwise.

So who stole 120 goats and where are they hiding them?

According to the NBC station in Madison, police in two different counties are on the hunt for 120 goats. Last month, there were two instances of large numbers of goats going missing from farms in different counties.

The offense is serious because the owners are claiming a total of about $30,000 in livestock missing, which takes away a lot of their annual income.

One 18-year-old was supposed to be watching her family's goats while they were away. When she woke up July 3, many of the goats were wandering outside the pen. Several days later when her dad returned, they realized more than 40 were missing.

In the other case, 70 to 80 goats disappeared.

Sheriff Todd Nehls says he's heard of single goats being stolen, but no more.

"Some time we'd relate that to someone stealing a goat for a type of religious ritual, " Sheriff Nehls told the TV station. "Something of this magnitude is very new to us."

Just because they are goats doesn't mean the crime is taken less seriously. Police say they are on the case just like they would be if someone stole a tractor or a car. Only difference: Goats make some damn delicious cheese.

So how do you find a goat thief? Check local markets for people selling obscene amounts of goat meat. And don't forget that cheese.