Wis. girl, 13, charged with killing relative over milk


Next time you're tempted to pour out the last of a gallon of milk, you might think twice. You never know when someone in your home could actually kill for spilled milk. Yet another example of Wisconsin's scary side.

A 13-year-old girl has been charged with killing her step-grandfather after he poured the last of a gallon of milk out instead of giving it to her. And after she fatally sliced his throat, she allegedly admitted to the crime immediately and said "I'm not afraid to go to jail for this."

Labrina T. Brown was charged as an adult Monday with first-degree reckless homicide. She could spend up to 60 years in prison.

Brown didn't get along well with Robert A. Moon, authorities say. Moon married her grandmother and they all lived in the same home. Another relative said she had pulled a knife on him before.

On Saturday, those threats became reality when she attacked him.

More from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Brown poured herself a bowl of cereal. Instead of giving her the last of a gallon of milk, Moon poured it down the sink.

Brown swore at Moon and followed him out of the kitchen. She knocked a glass of milk from his hand, and when he turned around, she sliced his throat with a paring knife, according to a criminal complaint.

Moon, 48, died at the scene. The wound had cut his carotid artery.

Moon's stepdaughter told police he had sarcastically told Brown she could have the last of the milk as he poured a glass for a baby living in the house. When Brown started swearing at him, he poured the rest of the milk down the drain.

When police arrived, they found Brown outside covered in blood. "I'm Labrina Brown and I killed him," she said to police, according to the complaint.