Wis. couple tipped over cemetery headstones because they were "bored"


A Wisconsin couple has been charged after allegedly tipping over 40 gravestones because they were "bored."

Their alleged "boredom" caused $25,000 in damage and makes them look like total fools.

Some of the gravestones at the Cataract Cemetery were more than 100 years old when the couple allegedly tipped them over in 2003, according to the La Crosse Tribune.

James and Amanda Luther, both 23, were implicated in the vandalism when a cemetery employee overhead a conversation earlier this year that framed them. James Luther originally denied the claim, but another tip said Amanda admitted she committed the crime with her husband and a 12-year-old boy.

More from the La Crosse Tribune:

"When asked why they would do something like that (Amanda Luther) indicated that they were bored and needed something to do," according to the complaint. James Luther confessed to the damage, but his wife denied tipping over the headstones, according to the complaint.