Wis. college kid busted for underage drinking via Facebook

Adam Bauer learned there's a whole new meaning for the term "social networking" recently, after the 19-year-old was ticketed for underage drinking based on pictures he posted to his Facebook page.

The University of Wisconsin student told the La Crosse Tribune that local police invited him down to headquarters recently and presented him with the photos -- and the ticket. He pleaded no contest in municipal court on Wednesday and was fined $227. He was one of eight students tracked and tagged by local police using Facebook.

More from the La Crosse Tribune:

He was among at least eight people who said Wednesday they had been cited for underage drinking based on photos on social networking sites.

"I just can't believe it. I feel like I'm in a science fiction movie, like they are always watching. When does it end?" Bauer said after court Wednesday. Said La Crosse police Officer officer Al Iverson: "Law enforcement has to evolve with technology."