Winter Safety Tips for Preventing Brain Injury

Protecting your child's brain from an injury may be the most important thing you can do as a parent. This winter help your child play it safe.

Sledding: The fun of sliding downhill can turn into danger unless children know how to sled safely. Children are most commonly injured when the sled hits something or runs out of control. To prevent this, walk down the slopes first to find hidden dangers of rocks or tree stumps hidden under the snow. Children should always sled feet first, sled away from trees, buildings and roads, and wear gloves, boots, and helmets.

Ice Hockey: Blows to the head from a puck or stick can injure a child's brain. Require your child to always wear a helmet. It's also important to not play hockey on frozen ponds or lakes. Children who nearly drown after falling through the ice can suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen.

For more information about preventing brain injury, call the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota at (612) 378-2742 or (800) 669-6442.

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