Winter is coming to Minnesota. Tonight.

Brace yourselves, Minnesota. This is what we will all be wearing tomorrow.

Brace yourselves, Minnesota. This is what we will all be wearing tomorrow. Richard Sennott, Star Tribune

Enjoy this bizarrely warm weather while it lasts, Minnesota. 

Meaning: today. It's 50-something here as of Monday morning, on December 4, and will approach 60 degrees (!) later. By tonight, it's supposed to drop to a low of 18 degrees and windy. 

Really windy. Overnight, it will snow a little bit. Forecasters say by Wednesday, the high (the high!) will register at 22 degrees. That night, dear reader, it will be 8. 

This is it, Minnesota. We mean it this time!

It could be worse: All of northern Minnesota ought to be bracing for blizzard conditions, with snowfall of at least three inches -- and as much as nine! -- predicted for today, along with winds up to 50 miles an hour. So, don't go there; if you are there now, leave.

According to the National Weather Service, the Twin Cities has a slight chance of getting some snow Tuesday afternoon into Tuesday night, which, if it comes, will hit you right in the damn face at around 30 miles an hour.

The Star Tribune's Paul Douglas says the cold front marks the arrival of winter weather throughout the Midwest, a fact illustrated by a beautiful blue-and-indigo patch blowing in from Canada, and moving its way west-to-east, and north-to-south, with North Dakota and Minnesota bearing the brunt.

"Hope you enjoyed the sunrise on Sunday," Douglas writes, as it marked "the last sunrise with mild temperatures before a big drop in temperatures takes us through the first full week of December."

And if you missed Sunday's sunrise, don't worry! The temperature's going to bounce back by early next week, with a high on Sunday of ... 31 degrees. Huh. That still sounds cold. 

At least it won't smell like shit anymore?