Winona streets always covered in leftover chicken parts


It appears Winona, Minn. streets are the new dumping grounds for chicken heads, feathers, and other unidentifiable chicken muck. For the fourth time since May 2007, a truck hauling chicken bits took a giant dump on the city's main street.

At least it's not a massive escape of coughing pigs. That would be a whole new reason to panic.

More from the Winona Daily News:

A semi pulling a trailer full of inedible chicken "slaughter material," including heads and feathers, spilled on Main Street between Sarnia and Howard streets, police said.

Witnesses reported the spill at 1:15 p.m., and saw a blue semi tractor rumble away from the scene, heading eastbound on Sarnia Street, Deputy Police Chief Tom Williams said.

He said police had nothing else to go on and could not locate the offending truck.

Similar spills happened in Winona three times between May and October 2007. One of the spills was so bad it splattered chicken bits on cars for nearly a mile and made the roads so slippery that it caused three car accidents.