Winona County GOP shares doctored image of Michelle Obama with gold grills on Facebook [UPDATE]

Sure, it's not as bad as the Chisago County GOP's recent "Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one" post, but really?

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Yesterday, the Winona County Republican Party shared a doctored image of Michelle Obama adorned with gold grills and Barack with no teeth (it's at the top of this post) on its Facebook page. The point, we infer, is that's what your smile might end up looking like if you use the Affordable Care Act to purchase dental insurance.


[jump] Other posts published on the Winona County GOP's Facebook page within the last 30 hours alone suggest gun control laws lead to genocide...

... characterize socialists as lazy parasites...

... and commit the fallacy of Reductio ad Hitlerum in trying to link liberalism with Nazism:

Because God forbid anybody tries to make a political point these days without ridiculous fear mongering or alluding to racial stereotypes.

:::: UPDATE ::::

This afternoon, the DFL released a statement blasting the MNGOP for not speaking out more strongly against the controversial posts recently published by the Chisago and Winona County branches of the party.

Here's DFL Executive Director Corey Day's entire statement:

Once again actions speak louder than words. While the Republican Party says it is welcoming to communities of color, a local unit, the Winona County Republicans, posted a racist and revolting image on its Facebook page. This comes only weeks after the Chisago County Republicans posted an offensive image on its Facebook page.

The Winona County post shows First Lady Michelle Obama smiling broadly through a grill of gold teeth and President Barack Obama with no teeth at all. I am outraged by this stereotype of African Americans.

As executive director of the Minnesota DFL, I challenge the Republican Party leadership to stop the ignorance and hatred and call on their members to treat not only our President and his family, but all people of color with the respect they deserve.

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