Winona 9-year-old suspended for "Billie Jean" dance move [VIDEO]

Lenny Boberg's crotch-grab has the 9-year-old banished from his Catholic school.
Lenny Boberg's crotch-grab has the 9-year-old banished from his Catholic school.
Winona Daily News

Pat Bowlin, principal of Winona's Catholic St. Stanislaus elementary school, apparently doesn't like Michael Jackson. Either that or he just has a big problem with seeing a 9-year-old boy crotch-grab.

Because after little Lenny Boberg mimicked the King of Pop's famous dance move during a school fundraiser last Thursday, Bowlin immediately approached Boberg and his mother to inform them that Lenny had been indefinitely suspended from the school for gross misconduct.

The school's handbook defines gross misconduct, in part, as "conduct which substantially impairs the discipline and order of the school environment."

Lenny's mother, Mindy Boberg, told the Winona Daily News she's upset because Lenny has performed similar MJ routines at the event the past two years without incident. Lenny even did a dress rehearsal of his Thursday routine last Tuesday before the Winona Area Schools' Parent-Teacher Partnership without anyone raising a fuss.

She also suggested the principal's singling out of Lenny isn't fair, as some students at the event performed acts wearing boxers and others 'shook their tail feathers.'

Bowlin told CBS yesterday that there is more to the story than has been reported, but he wouldn't expound because of legal issues. He added, however, that he's meeting with Lenny and his mother this morning and told mom to have her son "prepared to go to school."

Just how scandalous was Lenny's Catholic school crotch grab? Video of the youngster's surprisingly-good-for-a-white-9-year-old-at-a-Catholic-school dance routine is below, so judge for yourself:

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