Willians Astudillo chuggin' 'round 3rd: Watch this epic viral clip over and over

Twitter: @WatchStadium

Twitter: @WatchStadium

Your Minnesota Twins haven't provided much joy during their 67-78 slog through 2018. 

That is, until catcher Willians Astudillo chugged majestically around third base on Wednesday, helping the Twins beat the Yankees and earning a blip of viral fame in the process. Drink it in, over and over and over: 

Astudillo huffed, puffed, lost his lid, and inspired a nation as he steamrolled his 5-foot-9, 225-pound body across home plate in the 7th inning at Target Field. The Twins -- who saw pitcher Jake Odorizzi take a no-hitter into the 8th -- would soar to a 3-1 victory over the dreaded Yankees, who have thoroughly owned their asses since 2002.

Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, and basically the entire MLB industrial complex have seized on the clip of Astudillo. Adding to the fun: The stocky 26-year-old rookie is nicknamed El Tortugo, according to broadcaster Dick Bremer, through he sorta, kinda, maybe looks more like Jack White than a turtle. 

"I just wanted to show that chubby people also run," Astudillo told reporters after Wednesday's game.

Never stop running, Tortgua.