William Souder on the future of journalism

In William Souder's pretty little ditty on the new-new-latest-most-recent-new-journalism we see him retrace his footsteps at the University of Minnesota and pick the brains of up-and-coming reporters like Emily Cutts (Thanks for the shout-out! We love you too!). 

A bonus is the story reads like the narration of a private school melodrama. That's not a bust. We love the Dead Poet's Society genre. And we appreciate his honest look into our future. We have one, right?

It seems for Souder, a man with bylines in the Washington Post, the change to online content is bittersweet. He talks about the newspaper as the fundamental feature of life in a civil society. And even this young punk agrees, kinda.

But Souder oversteps one part about young journalists:

Our heroes were alive. Mailer. Wolfe. Capote. Woodward and Bernstein. Today's are electromagnetic. Politico.com. TheHuffingtonPost.com. Espn.com. Twitter.com.

Not so, old man. Us whippersnappers have plenty of heroes without dots in their titles.

You want a contemporary list?

Here you go:

Burkhard Bilger. Check out his article on Dog Fish Head, a brewing company in Delaware leading the charge of extreme beer.

Susan Orlean. You think we really want to waste an hour and a half with Nicholas Cage when we can spend a weekend with the Orchid Thief?

Patrick Symmes. This guy retraced the motorcycle journey of Che. He writes across the world for Outside Magazine and Harper's (you know Harper's, right?). He's a bald, badass who reports on guerilla warfare.

Matt Taibbi. You thought Hunter S. Thompson spewed vitriol? Check out Taibbi on the Coleman/Franken recount.

David Samuels. Dude is a master of the craft. Read this piece about Rampage Jackson. Even if you hate MMA, this is must read for his use of description, scene setting and overall reporting.

So yeah, pops, we still have heroes we want to emulate.

And being a Cub with little to no perspective on the industry, CP will go ahead and echo what the Daily kids were saying: there will always be a market for long-form, investigative, original, ass kicking journalism... tweet or no tweet.

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