William Nickaboine's killers both sentenced to prison

The two men charged in the vicious murder of William Nickaboine, a young Ojibwe man living on the Mille Lacs reservation, have both been sentenced to prison.

Two years after the murder, Joshua Boyd was sentenced to 13 years Thursday for one count of felony murder, reports the Mille Lacs Messenger. The second killer, Aaron Bealieu, was sentenced to 21 years in April. Both men were Nickaboine's cousins.

As we chronicled in our 2011 cover story, "The Banishing," the remains of Nickaboine, a 19-year-old, were found hidden behind the reservation's waste water treatment plant by a civilian search party. Nickaboine had been so badly beaten, maimed, and burned, he was barely recognizable to the childhood friend who had the unfortunate luck of finding him.

In court yesterday, the judge ordered that Boyd must serve at least 104 months -- about eight and a half years -- though he has already served about two years, according to the Messenger, which means he could be out in fewer than seven.

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