William Guercio Charged With Burglary After Stealing Back an Unused Christmas Present

They must've been pretty nice knives

They must've been pretty nice knives

Alfred Guercio bought a set of knives for some friends living in Burnsville as a generous Christmas present, according to charges filed by the Dakota County attorney.

The friends accepted the gift when he dropped by their home around Christmas and gave them a premier spot in the kitchen, right on top of the fridge. A few months later the knives were still siting there, unappreciated and underused, and that really irritated Guercio.

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Guercio showed up to his friends' house on the afternoon of March 11 and called out one of the friends, identified as JMS in charges filed against Guercio, for not using his gift. Guercio told JMS if she wasn't even going to use the knives he wanted them back.

JMS told Guercio to wait outside while she grabbed the knives to give back to him, but Guercio couldn't wait. He wedged his foot in the front door when JMS tried to close it, and forced it open with a two-handed shove.

Then he headed for the kitchen as JMS screamed at him and called 911. Eventually Guercio got his hands on the knives and left in a blue two-door sedan.

Police showed up, listened to JMS's story, and quickly tracked down Guercio. Once he was pulled over he admitted to taking the knives, and police arrested him on the spot. He's been charged with second-degree burglary, a felony carrying a prison sentence of anywhere between 90 days and 10 years.

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