William Earles raped teenager, forced her to dress in sexy outfits

William Earles told cops he thought of the girl as a prostitute.

William Earles told cops he thought of the girl as a prostitute.

That William Earles allegedly raped a 16-year-girl is bad enough. But the mental torture she claims she went through before and afterward makes it so, so much worse.

Earles, of Moorhead, already has one conviction of criminal sexual conduct in his past, and is facing a slew of new charges for his role in a pretty scummy scheme: His terrible plot was to force the 16-year-old to come to his house repeatedly and dress up in skimpy costumes for his amusement.

As a coercive weapon, Earles had obtained a nude photo of the girl and a sex tape she'd made with her teenage boyfriend. He threatened to release that material if she didn't keep visiting him and doing what he asked.

Once there, the girl says she was made to clean the house in outfits Earles picked out, and submit to "massages" she didn't want.



Earles claims that he's committed no crime: The legal age of consent in Minnesota is 16, and he told police that everything he and the girl did was above board.

That conflicts with what the girl's boyfriend says. He told police he'd called Earles and confronted him, and that Earles begged the boyfriend not to go to police, as he didn't want to go back to prison.

Earles did seven years in prison after a 1998 sex abuse conviction.

In trying to plead his case, Earles thought it best to admit to a different crime. He told police he considered the girl a prostitute, given that he paid her $30 every time she came over and dressed up for him. For nearly a year, the girl came over about once a week and cleaned his house wearing skimpy outfits he'd picked out, including a French maid costume and a customized purple football jersey.

Earles faces five felony charges in Clay County, including two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third and fourth degrees and soliciting an underage prostitute, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.