William Bodlt, arrested for armed robbery, looks the type

William Bolt: Tough to hide those tats.

William Bolt: Tough to hide those tats.

If you're going to go AWOL from a prison work-release program, and then rob a hotel at gunpoint, you might as well look the part.

And with tattoos festooned across his cheeks, temples neck, arms, and the back of his head, William Joseph Boldt looks every bit the scary criminal.


Despite an APB that described him as armed and dangerous, the 38-year-old was arrested Sunday in St. Paul without incident. Police say he was one of two men who held up an AmericInn motel in Hastings, making off with a little cash after duct-taping the night clerk.

Security cameras at the hotel evidently caught his unique visage, helping police to track him down. Here's his mug shot, with all those distinguishing characteristics: