Will Wisconsin's journalism center investigate what's wrong with the state?

Wisconsin has a new investigative journalism center, according to the Wisconsin State Journal (via) The new nonprofit organization, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, will examine government integrity and quality of life issues in the state. 

We hope that means they will figure out what is in the water because we just see too many Wisconsin residents who are in need of some serious help. Too many to count and far too many for a midsize Midwestern state. Save Wisconsin! 

People like this: 

JANESVILLE -- A Janesville man was hospitalized this morning with a knife wound to the neck, and his wife was in jail, accused of stabbing him. Jaymie Pergande told the officer that his wife tried to kill him while he was in the shower. He said he had a poison oak rash from a hunting trip, and Nickole was examining the rash while he showered. He said his eyes were closed when Nickole cut him, the report states. She admitted she was with him in the bathroom but said she did not know how the injury occurred. 

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Man charged with bigamy, marries new wife before divorcing another


NEILLSVILLE -- Thirty-one-year-old James Boatwright faces a charge of bigamy. He's accused of marrying Elizabeth Boatwright in Loyal in 2005 while also having a wife in Missouri. Court records show Boatwright also married Crystal Evans in Maryville, Mo. in April 2002, but the two were not divorced until December 2007. Boatwright told police he didn't tell his second wife about his previous marriage because he had "put that part of his life behind him." 

MILWAUKEE -- Police have subpoenaed medical records of a deceased barber who told his psychiatrist he was emotionally tortured by his involvement in the murder of two boys in the 1950s, according to court records. Seitz was found to have news clippings and photos of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling of St. Joseph. Wetterling was abducted in 1989 and has never been found. 

MENOMONIE -- A town of Menomonie man has been cited by the Dunn County Sheriff's Department with felony animal neglect after a number of dead animals were found at his farm.

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