Will Target reap the gay whirlwind?

Target announced yesterday that it won't be making any donations to pro-gay-rights candidates to even out it's $150,000 to homophobic gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. The message to gay-rights supporters: We're sorry that you're upset, but if you think we're going to do anything but pay lip-service to your concerns, you can go fuck yourselves.

So will Target's critics accept this kind of brush-off and make peace with the retail giant? The preliminary answer appears to be an emphatic NO.

Here's a sampling of the online push-back against Target so far: is putting its weight behind the Target boycotting push. Trying to follow up on Randi Reitan's anti-Target viral video, it's put up it's own clip, complete with a Depeche-Mode-inspired flashmob.

Several groups on Facebook are organizing around a Target boycott. More than 60,000 people like Boycott Target Until They Cease Funding Anti-Gay Politics. On another Facebook group, Money I Would Have Spent At Target, members list the purchases they're making elsewhere because of Target's stance.

The #BoycottTarget hashtag is seeing a lot of action on Twitter, helped along by the otherwise despicable Perez Hilton. There's also the Boycott Target Now petition site. One blog is calling for Target to be subjected to "some old fashioned ratfucking."

Whether all of this internet noise will have any consequences for Target's bottom line remains to be seen.  Target is clearly betting that the long-term effect will be negligible. Taking the temperature of the tubes right now though, it looks like the retail isn't going to heal its public relation wounds anytime soon.

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