Will Ramstad's seat flip to the Democrats?

Chris Cillizza's excellently wonky political blog "The Fix" looks at open House seats today. The Washington Post reporter ranks the top ten seats that are most likely to switch parties in the 2008 elections. Sitting at number three on the list? Minnesota's 3rd Congressional district. That's up three notches from Cillizza's previous ranking. The seat is slated to be vacated by nine-term incumbent Rep. Jim Ramstad. (Although Eric Black has suggested otherwise.) Here's Cillizza's take:

3. Minnesota's 3rd District (R): Minnesota politics has a unique metabolism. Races develop more slowly and break late. So it's not a huge surprise that the field remains somewhat amorphous in the race to replace Rep. Jim Ramstad (R). State Sen. Terri Bonoff (D) is in the race and raising money, and MN-03 is a toss-up by any measure. Anti-war sentiment runs strong in this suburban Twin Cities district and could spell serious trouble for the eventual Republican nominee. (Previous ranking: 6)