Will Non-Discrimination Clause Trip Up DeLaSalle Stadium Efforts?

Today's CP story on the park board campaigns got a solid, thoughtful response from board candidate Scott Vreeland, the lone person to be endorsed by both the reformers (Park Watch and Minneapolis Citizens for Park Board Reform) and the keepers of the status quo (People for Independent Parks).

After indulging in some savvy nit-picks--Vreeland is running in District 3, not Ward 3, and the park board's 6400 acres of real estate includes not just land but 1400 acres of water--he reminds us that the board's recent decision to move forward with a proposed football stadium for DeLaSalle High on Nicollet Island still has a looooong way to go before the project can be considered viable.

The next step in that journey is a public hearing at tonight's park board meeting. And, according to Vreeland, the next obstacle for stadium supporters is a non-discrimination clause, which includes religion. DeLaSalle is a Catholic school.

"The Park Board required a non-discrimination covenant for the skate park development at Fort Snelling, but did not include one in the draft of the De La Salle shared-use agreement," Vreeland writes. "If DeLaSalle cannot agree to the following--that is boilerplate from the skate park agreement--I would think there can be no deal.

"The covenant would read: DeLaSalle shall not engage in or permit discrimination against persons seeking employment or access to shared properties on the basis of age, sex, race religion, color, affectional preference, creed or national origin or any basis not allowed under federal, state, or local laws."

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