Will Minnesota Anglicans get a gay bishop?


News out of Chicago implies there is strong possibility the Episcopal Church of Minnesota could get a lesbian bishop. The announcement comes after the Anglicans lifted a ban on the ordination of gay bishops. And it's a sign that at least one major church body is getting past the haters of old.

From the Tribune:

Rev. Bonnie Perry, rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in the Ravenswood neighborhood, announced the nomination to parishioners in a statement on Sunday. A certified kayak instructor, she is out of the country on a long-planned kayaking trip and unavailable for comment.

"As we all continue to discern God's call, I pray that we will bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that changes people's lives and proclaims the profound inclusivity and hospitality of God," she wrote.

She'll certainly love the boundary waters.

While she's only a finalist, the news is encouraging for another dominant faith in Minnesota that will tackle the issue in a few weeks. They're the church body loved by Garrison Keilior, and known for their addiction to jello: Lutherans.

The ELCA church-wide assembly, running August 17 through 22, will determine if gays and lesbians can finally be ordained, a decades long battle we chronicled last year.

We'll see if the Lutherans can catch up to the Anglicans, who have already caught up with society, and appear to be moving on without a hitch.