Will Michele Bachman fly with Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new border air posse?

Bachmann has a date with Arpaio.

Bachmann has a date with Arpaio.

Michele Bachmann has a date with Sheriff Joe Arpaio down in Arizona this weekend. Maybe while she's down there, she can hitch a ride with a freshly minted member of Joe's new civilian air posse, lean out the window and wave a gun around.

The sheriff, you see, has just launched a novel way of controlling the riff raff and illegal immigrants in his county, deputizing 30 or so vigilante pilots to be his eyes in the sky.


"We're going to use our automatic weapons if we have to, and I'm tired of my deputies having to chase these people and I'm sure the air posse will be able to spot these guys running as they do constantly from us," says Arpaio.

This would be an excellent outing for Bachmann, who already has a well-known preference for military-grade firearms, and wants us all armed and dangerous to boot. She could get the air tour and still be back in time to clean up for the $250-a-pop fundraiser at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort outside Phoenix.