Will Coleman stick to his own philosophy and concede?


We'd like to take a look back at how Norm Coleman felt about the election back when he was ahead of Al Franken. He told Minnesotans he would be the better man, if he were in Franken's pathetic loser-like place, and concede to let the state heal from a tough campaign. Will he follow his own advice this week and concede the race to Franken?

The state Canvassing Board certified the vote total this afternoon with Franken leading by 225 votes. The certificate cannot be officially signed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty or Secretary of State Mark Ritchie until any election contests are resolved.

Watch the video clip of Coleman's statement below. Oh, and don't miss Franken vs. Ann Coulter too.

The flurry of Franken clips are taking over the blogs today with the latest news. We particularly enjoy this one, linked on BoingBoing, of Franken destroying Ann Coulter in a little debate of words. The question posed to both of them was what one person from history would you come back as and why.


We can only hope Franken's quick wit and humor makes a comeback in the U.S. Senate. He completely lost it on the campaign trail and we need someone to lighten things up a bit on The Hill.