Will Casey Carlson, American Idol babe, make the Top 36?


Our top pick for American Idol Season 8, Casey Carlson, has garnered quite the buzz since she knocked off "A Thousand Miles" on the audition episode. Just kidding, we all know she is buzzworthy because she is hot. Or maybe a combination of the both. 

We like her for her flirty personality, cute singing voice and her willingness to expose her knockers to save other women from cancer. What a woman. 

Either way, the Top 36 lists are out there on the Internets. Did the 20-year-old University of Minnesota student make it? We've got the spoiler below.

Joe's Place blog has published a list of the rumored Top 36 and people seem convinced it's the real deal. If it is, that means Carlson made the cut. The announcement will be official on the Feb. 11 episode

In case you missed it, here is Carlson's TV premiere:  

And now that "Bikini Girl" is gone, Carlson can take the official crown. And she doesn't even have to wear a bikini to her audition to make it! 

Here is her Campus Girls USA interview. How cute:  

How Minnesotan. She pulls the nerdy "I like to read" shtick, but slips in the sexy by suggesting she reads naked... in the bath. That's how we do it. 

And if you still haven't had enough of her, check out a blog post over at the LA Times that profiles Carlson. Hopefully that will tide you over until she starts entering your household live on TV for more fun.