Wilfs sweeten Vikings Stadium pot with extra $30 million

Friday was supposed to be deadline day for the Minnesota Vikings owners and the Legislature to reach a deal for a billion-dollar stadium in Ramsey County supported in part by taxpayers.

They blew the deadline, they're still talking, and the state is still going to kick in a third of the cost, even as it prepares for a government shutdown over the $5 billion budget impasse.

It sounds as though Gov. Mark Dayton isn't budging off the $300 million state contribution, and that team owners Zygi and Mark Wilf may toss in another $30 million over their previous commitment to try and seal the deal.

Sid Hartman's predicting this morning the bill "will be passed at a special session of the Legislature after the budget is settled."

That sounds a little premature, since it doesn't look as though the budget mess is anywhere close to being settled, but maybe Sid's got an inside line on state politics, as well as Schloss Wilf.

Meantime, there's more bad news for the Metrodome, and its target of being back in service by Aug. 1. Last year's epic roof collapse, followed by months of repair work and the field being left open to the elements could mean the field turf needs to be replacd -- to the tune of about $800,000.


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