Wild turkeys of northeast Minneapolis terrorize Ivan Arrington and 'Rxmedy' Williams [VIDEO]

Two turkeys remain at large after accosting men in a quiet residential neighborhood earlier this week.

Two turkeys remain at large after accosting men in a quiet residential neighborhood earlier this week. Facebook

Ivan "IceDude" Arrington was at a friend's house in northeast Minneapolis earlier this week. The home serves as a recording studio. Arrington, an actor and hip-hop artist, was putting down an album with the help of rapper Keith Murray, a member of the New York hip-hop trio Def Squad.  

Arrington's artistic outpouring got interrupted when the homeowner declared his dogs were missing. Duty called. Arrington lent a hand with the search. 

He and "Rxmedy" Williams left the house located around 30th Avenue NE and Filmore Street. The men walked about two blocks when they spotted something in a yard. They hoped it was their buddy's dogs. They would be wrong.

It was two huge wild turkeys.

Williams called the birds "rednecks," a reference to the bare skin on their necks. 

"It was like they heard that joke, they didn't like that joke and it was on," says Arrington. "At first, I was just standing there with my phone out. That's when you see what happened next."

What happened next was fowl terror that Arrington captured in a series of short video clips. 

"Man, bro," Arrington continues, "after they seen us and their heads came up, they just started running after us. Man, I'm telling you I ain't never seen turkeys this big. That motherfucker had to be like a 45-pound, 50-pound turkey. This thing was huge, bro. When it stood up, it looked like a baby ostrich down there."

At that point the men had only one choice: Run away! 

Fortunately, Arrington and Williams were fleet of foot. They were able to outrun their feathered would-be assailants and retreated into their friends' house. From the safety of the home, they peered into the yard where the birds remained.

The occupants remained prisoners for the next hour as the turkeys silently mocked them from the front lawn. The invaders only left after someone walking a dog appeared on the sidewalk, at which time they skedaddled. 

Wild turkeys live all over the metro area, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. They're territorial creatures that can become bossy, even menacing when staking their claim.

Arrington believes that.

"Until that dog came, they would not move," he says. "A buddy had tried to chase them off, but when he came out the front door, they came right after him. I'm telling you it was a real life horror movie."