Wild tough guy Chris Stewart smacks teammate Zach Parise in the face, everyone laughs [VIDEO]


The Minnesota Wild are closing in on the best season in franchise history, and might just be the best team in the National Hockey League. 

That situation makes it easier to laugh when things go wrong. Like when you get smacked in the face, as happened to Wild left wing (and Minneapolis native) Zach Parise Sunday night. 

Parise is a skill player and a GQ Magazine-level handsome dude, with no hockey fight history to speak of. He's not used to getting a fist in the kisser. 

Certainly not from his own damn teammate. On Sunday, Parise took an unexpected smack from Chris Stewart, noted Wild tough guy, who was mixing it up with the San Jose Sharks' Marc Edouard-Vlasic. The Sharks defender didn't like Stewart's gloved hand on his shoulder, so he shoved it off -- right into Parise, who'd skated into its path. 

Surprised to find himself hitting the wrong guy, Stewart flung his fist back in the other direction, catching San Jose's Joel Ward. This meant Stewart had now hit two guys who weren't messing with him, though the second one at least plays for the other team.

Both Parise and Ward got a good laugh out of the mix-up. Minnesota's shooting was less errant than its punching, and the Wild won 3-1, with one goal for Parise and two for Eric Staal, who escaped without being hit in the face by anyone wearing green.