Wig-wearing men urinate on woman, steal her iPhone [UPDATE]

Miklos Dates Jr.
Miklos Dates Jr.
Ramsey County

Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe a Sunday night incident in St. Paul during which a group of men, all wearing wigs, pushed a woman down on the sidewalk and urinated on her.

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A complaint filed in Ramsey County court says a 31-year-old woman was standing in the 500 block of Farrington Avenue when four men pulled up next to her in a silver-colored car. She initially thought they were women.

"How do we get back to University Avenue?" one of them asked.

When she got closer to answer the question, one of the men allegedly ripped the white iPhone 4 from her hand. The complaint says another man then grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on the sidewalk. Before he urinated on her, all four pulled her pants down.

The woman told police she feared she was going to be raped. They just laughed. She remembered one of them said, before leaving, "Mitch, you took that white bitch's phone?"

She walked away with a cut on her wrist and a cut above her right eye, according to the complaint.

St. Paul police say they smelled weed as they approached the same car, which was parked near Selby Avenue and Chatsworth Street, on Monday night. They counted six people, including men and women, five of whom were underage.

The woman's iPhone was discovered in the trunk, her wallet in the center console. The phone rang shortly thereafter, and on the other end was a man looking for the woman who was robbed earlier that day.

The driver, Miklos Dates Jr., 18, told police that the car belonged to his aunt, according to the complaint. However, the North Carolina license plates were registered to an "unreturned" Enterprise rental.

Dates has been charged with aggravated robbery in the first degree and criminal sexual conduct in the fifth degree.

::: UPDATE :::

Dates has also been charged with theft of motor vehicle, and the Ramsey County Attorney's Office says the incident remains under investigation.

Police are looking into whether Dates was involved in a second robbery that took place in the same area, on the same morning. Another woman was reportedly robbed of two gold necklaces, which Dates was wearing when police questioned him, according to a second complaint filed at the courthouse.

It says the car -- a 2013 Chrysler 200 LX -- had recently disappeared from an airport lot.

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