Wife of man who wants his kidney back says he went panty sniffing

Last week we reported the story of a New York man who was asking his wife to pay him $1.5 million or return the kidney he graciously donated to her to save her life. The request is part of a bitter divorce settlement that involves three children.  

Richard Batista, the woman's husband claims his wife cheated on him and then broke off the marriage after she got the transplant at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. 

That's simply not true, Dawnell Batista says. Dawnell finally fired back at her husband to defend herself. She said her husband is insanely jealous and "hyper suspicious" and even went panty sniffing to try to bust her for cheating.

Bring on the divorce dirt. It's like a bad Lifetime movie.

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"He was rummaging through her underwear drawer and sniffing the underwear" to see if she had cheated, said Douglas Rothkopf, the lawyer for Dawnell Batista, 44. 

Rothkopf said in Mineola matrimonial court that his client has never been unfaithful, the allegations of cheating are "grotesque," and the husband is "hyper- suspicious." 

Richard Batista's lawyer, Dominic Barbara, said the surgeon was "godlike" for giving his kidney to his wife. 

"He wants to tell the world what happened in this case because it's a tragedy," the lawyer said. "This is a man who put his life on the line, and his wife treated him like a piece of dirt, garbage."

Dawnell has had some pretty serious kidney problems in her lifetime. 

Dawnell lost a kidney at the age of 12 because of disease and received her first transplant from her dad. Her kidney failed in 1992, two years after marrying Richard, and she received a second transplant from her sister. Several years later, her kidney failed yet again after she had her third child.

How many times can we remind this ridiculous man that organ donation is a gift, not a business partnership. It is illegal to get compensated for donation in the United States. This guy has completely lost it. 

Here is a video recap of the story:  


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