Wienermobile tweets about its penetrating crash

Earlier this week, the Wienermobile made news when it crashed into somebody's house. Now the giant hot-dog car has taken to Twitter, where it is responding to its concerned fans with weird puns.

We are relieved nobody was home or injured! We're back on the road and hope to ketchup with you soon!

 We're relieved nobody was injured in that pickle. Franks for your concern!

How bunderful of you to think of us this week! For the story in more than 140, check out

The link leads to a hot-dog blog, from whence these wonderful puns derived:

We were turning the Wienermobile around in a driveway, which is at the end of a dead-end street, and got into a bit of a pickle.  We are so relieved that no one was home and nobody was injured.  We promptly alerted police.  We are working with the local authorities and the appropriate insurance companies to fix the damage and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the homeowner.  We are back on the hot dog highways spreading miles of smiles today.  Franks everyone for your concern.

 Frank God no one was injured. We relish a good laugh on Thursday mornings.