Widows and widowers to spend Valentine's Day at funeral home


We've never found funeral homes to very comforting places to spend time, but widows and widowers in the Stillwater area plan to use the space for a Valentine's Day dinner.

The Pioneer Press has a story about how hard Valentine's Day can be for someone who have lost a spouse. It's often a forgotten holiday they spend alone. So why not gather in a safe space with others in a similar mindset?

The Bradshaw Celebration of Life Center in Stillwater will host 46 widows and widowers for a Valentine's Day dinner. The evening will include a social hour, catered dinner and entertainment.

More from the PiPress:

Tony Del Percio, Bradshaw's grief counselor, said he came up with the idea of a dinner after reading an article about how hard Valentine's Day can be for grieving spouses.

"It's one of the holidays where there are forgotten grievers," he said. "We definitely have the major ones like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mother's Day and Father's Day, but then there is Valentine's Day. When you've been with someone for 20, 30, 40 years and (they die), basically your heart is broken and you have no one. Your kids may be grown, so they're out with their spouses or significant others, and you're kind of left alone."

Because the emphasis is on couples Feb. 14, widows and widowers can often "feel like a third wheel," Del Percio said.