Why is it unreasonable for Cargill to take responsibility for its own sludge?


When you have offices like these, you probably shouldn't go whining to the legislature about how much your suffer.

Reader Blake Scheidegger responds to America's biggest private company comes begging for Minnesota's help:

Hmmm, permitting process sped up? Good.

Dredging and putting the sludge wherever it's the least expensive to dump it for the company? Umm, no.

It's pretty reasonable to ask that it's taken care of properly. Why would they possibly not be responsible for that? Sounds like they're already putting sludge in an appropriate place, so it doesn't seem so crazy to ask they do the same with some new sludge.

Weep for the ultra-rich and their tax bracket that really isn't much higher than my broke-ass tax bracket? Umm, no. Not mad they're rich, but definitely not feeling sorry for them.

Any logical reasons this is unreasonable? I ask because I see plenty of people supporting this CEO of Cargill, but no real arguments, so honestly wondering. Plenty of people condescending, using words like communist and socialist, proving they don't know what words mean, and failing to make an actual point based in logic, reason, and fact. 


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