Why does Chris Baker still have a job?

Chris Baker, host of a KTLK radio show in Minneapolis, is at it again.

During the Oct. 7 broadcast of his radio show, Baker promoted an Internet video featuring the Rev. James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem where he called Barack Obama's mother "trash".

Here is what Manning said:

"The difference between Obama's mama and Bristol Palin is that Obama's mama was trash. I mean, she was dirt. She was a bag of trash sitting on the sidewalk waiting there in Honolulu on one of those streets for the garbage truck to come by and pick her up and take her to the dump."

And Baker's response?

"Oh God, you have to -- you have to see this. This guy -- I mean, this guy just goes off. And he's not really wrong, either. That's the best part, at least, you know -- at least, in my hate-filled opinion."

This follows previous broadcasts where he called Obama a "little bitch", said women shouldn't vote and said Obama was the Antichrist.

Audio and videos after the jump.

Here is Rev. Manning's video, that Baker endorsed:

And here is Baker's response on air:

On Oct. 6, Baker called Obama a "little bitch" who "won't even stand up to" "smoking-hot" Palin:

On Oct. 2, Baker said "I don't think homeless people should vote. Frankly. In fact, I have to be very honest. I'm not that excited about women voting, to be honest."

Are there enough people in Minneapolis who agree with this lunatic? How does this guy still have a job? We can't wait until this guy's career goes down in flames. He has to take it over the edge sooner or later. Best of luck to you, Baker. You'll need it.

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