Whoops: Coleman didn't rake in more cash for recount than election campaign


WHOOPS: We thought this number was a little much. Politico corrected their story to say that the $25 million figure includes money raised during the election. So much for a cool story.

The saying holds true: You don't know what you've got until it's (almost) gone. Norm Coleman's supporters came out in droves to support his recount once they realized he might just lose his Senate seat to a comedian. The horror!

Washington Independent points out a small fact in a Politico story that notes how much money Coleman has raised since Nov. 4. And yes, Republicans are doing everything they can to save their beloved Coleman.

According to Politco, "[Tom] Erickson, the Coleman campaign spokesman, said Monday that the senator has raised $25 million -- only a small portion of which came from online contributions -- since Nov. 4 to pay for his bills during the hand recount."

Coleman raised only $23.6 million during the general election.

If those recount funding numbers are correct, Coleman's fundraising seriously spiked since the last report. In a Feb. 2 story by Minnesota Public Radio, Coleman reported raising $3.1 million for the recount. That's a pretty serious jump. That MPR number doesn't include 2009 fundraising totals.