Whoa: PETA wants lion killer Walter Palmer dead

The animal rights group ups the vitriolic ante on lion-killer hatred.

The animal rights group ups the vitriolic ante on lion-killer hatred.

Last week, it probably didn’t suck to be Walter Palmer. The lion-killing teeth cleaner was quietly running his own Bloomington dental practice and presumably banking enough to blow tens of thousands of dollars on exotic hunting trips.

But when the world learns you shot one beloved lion under shady circumstances, you suddenly have the wrath of the internet mob upon you. Yelpers and Facebook commenters haven’t been kind to the middle-aged Eden Prairie man or his River Bluff Dental clinic, calling Palmer “vile human garbage” and four-letter words with “tard” suffixes. Even Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s an impotent jerk.

Leave it to PETA to take things up a notch.

In a series of tweets, the animal rights group sounded off, calling for more than a River Bluff boycott or splashing red paint on those uncomfortable dentist chairs. The tofu munchers want Cecil the lion’s killer executed — specifically via hanging, it appears. Here's the full Twitter barrage, replete with vengeful imagery.

— PETA (@peta) July 28, 2015
It's unclear whether Palmer could face poaching charges, which presumably aren’t punishable by death in Zimbabwe. Either way, the bow-hunting dentist could probably use some Novocain right about now. Or at least a hug from Ted Nugent.