Who steals from public television anyway? Apparently Erik Paulsen


Erik Paulsen just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble these days. Only recently was his party accused of darkening the skin color of his opponent, and now Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) is claiming Paulsen pirated its footage to advance his campaign.

In his most recent television campaign ad Paulsen uses footage of his opponent Ashwin Madia from a TPT show Almanac that aired earlier this month. This ad has appeared on local television outlets, Rep. Paulsen's website and is posted on YouTube, TPT reports.

As a non-partisan station, TPT "has never consented to use of our copyrighted materials by any political candidate or party," the organization wrote in a press release.

In previous campaigns, we have requested that candidates - Democrats, Independents and Republicans - cease use of similar material, and all have complied...Twin Cities Public Television has sent two formal requests to the Paulsen campaign to remove all TPT footage from their ad; as of today, that request has not been honored.

We are therefore issuing this statement, taking appropriate legal action...

Oh, burn.

We would show you the ad, but TPT's tenacity has paid off. After notifying YouTube of the copyright violation, the website pulled down the ad. "Since the Paulsen site was using an embedded version from YouTube, the ad was effectively removed from their site as well," says TPT spokesman Stephen Usery.

"Also," Usery adds. "We discovered an anti-Paulsen posting on YouTube that included several snippets of video from Almanac. We requested that the person who posted the clips remove them and he did so immediately."

Oh, double burn.