Who freed Wis. zoo's buffalo, monkey, porcupines?

Who freed Wis. zoo's buffalo, monkey, porcupines?
Photo by jimbowen0306

Irvine Park Zoo officials in Wisconsin are still on the lookout for three animals still missing after more than a dozen of the zoo's creatures were freed from their pens late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Eight buffalo, three porcupines, two coatimundi (like raccoons) and two monkeys were set free on the grounds for the night of their life.

Two holes were cut in chain fences that kept the animals from the public. The vandals then cut open the cages.

Unfortunately the buffalo were too stupid to take the hint and actually escape. All eight of them returned to their cage in the morning for their feeding. A porcupine, monkey and one other animal are still on the loose. They believe they are still the park after they set up their emergency plan and closed off the park.

We're just disappointed in their choice of animals to let loose. Did they actually think these creatures would make it out of the park and live happy fulfilling lives? Doubtful. At least give us some excitement by letting the bears and giant cats out for some adventuring around town. Your attempt to make us feel bad for these trapped animals failed. Pick some more compelling and interesting creatures next time. Like dolphins or polar bears.

Fence repair will cost $2,000 and replacing that pesky missing monkey would cost $5,000.

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